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Why Local Small Business Need a Mobile Site!

There are 3 critical reasons that you need to know as a business owner:

  1. People/customers are searching everyday for local businesses on their smart phones
  2. These same people leave a site that is NOT mobile optimized for the mobile device they are using
  3. People stay on the mobile site longer - they either call or visit the local business 75% of the time.

...Watch this short video...

What happens when you run a local  local offline advertising:
Someone visits your website from their smartphone after seeing any of your Ad.
If you haven’t got a mobilized version of your website then the cold hard truth is they will probably just give up and leave…having to zoom in and out, scroll up, down, left and right to get the information they’re looking for isn’t a good experience and its definitely NOT good for your business!

As you saw in the above video, a research study cited in Google Mobile Blog in 2011 stated that:

  • 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information
  • Of that 95%, 88% of those users take some action with in a day (call or visit the local businesses)
  • Actually, 77% have contacted the business, with 61% calling and 59% visiting the local businesses

If you do have a mobilized version of you website where are the calls to action (like a Tap To Call Button) or contact details for your business located? Probably not where they need to be! I must be easy to locate on the very FIRST PAGE THEY SEE!

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