Why Local Small Business Need a Mobile Site!

There are 3 critical reasons that you need to know as a business owner:

1. People/customers are searching everyday for local businesses on their smart phones.
2. These same people leave a site that is NOT mobile optimized for the mobile device they are using.
3. People stay on the mobile site longer – they either call or visit the local business 75% of the time.
The average length of Mobile research session is surprisingly long - about 17 minutes for dining and 31 minutes for travel.

It is exciting news to know that Mobile browsing is expected to exceed desktop browsing by 2014!

Introducing Mobile Loyalty Rewards Program and SMS Text Message Marketing.

Customer Loyalty Rewards Program
SMS Text Message Marketing

Lead Generation website
We build websites for local businesses like Restaurants to Dentist or Plumbers to Landscapers to Auto Repair Shops. These sites are a sales machines that will generate more leads and acquire new customers.
Full Mobile Site
Reach all the mobile users that are searching for your products and services. If your site is not mobile optimized, they will most likely go to your competitor! Let us build an easy to use mobile site that will generate more leads resulting in new customers.
Social Media Marketing
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Youtube are the four social channel that your business can not ignore anymore. They now influence your website ranking, traffic and lead generation. We can help your business with our Social Media Marketing Services.

Why Local Small Business Need a Lead Generation Website!

Here are few important reasons you should aware of about your web presence:

  • A Professional Website Opens the Doors to Many New Consumers
  • Websites Build Credibility for Your Business
  • Websites Allow You a Platform to Showcase Your Products & Services and Work & Accomplishments
  • Websites Create a Direct Connection with Your Local Consumers